7 Tips and Tricks to keep your Car Clean
list of simple tips and tricks that one can follow to ensure that the vehicle does not lose its sheen, because a clean and neat car does speak volumes about the personality of its owner.


A new car is immensely attractive and catches the attention of everyone because it looks spick and span. It is clean, it is neat and the interiors look and smell great. However, with the passage of time, there is less attention paid to details. The vehicle loses its shine and luster due to its daily exposure to the elements of nature. The interior loses its charm and the vehicle begins to look old and unkempt.

But this doesn’t have to be the case always. With a little bit of effort and care, it is easy to maintain the car in a pristine condition. We have put together a list of simple tips and tricks that one can follow to ensure that the vehicle does not lose its sheen, because a clean and neat car does speak volumes about the personality of its owner. Here are some of them for your ready reference:

1) Do not eat or drink in the car:

It is virtually impossible to eat or drink in a moving automobile without causing some kind of spillage in the car. Drinks that spill leave stains on the fabric or can damage the leather interior of the vehicle. While consuming food in the car can cause crumbs to fall out and get meshed in the carpet. Greasy food leaves behind stains.

To top all this, the smell of food and drinks often absorbed in the interior of the car and can cause a buildup of bacteria leading to further foul smell within the vehicle. Once you introduce eatables into the car, it takes a lot of work and effort to clean up the residue. If you believe in the adage Prevention is better than cure, it is advisable to avoid bringing food and drinks into the vehicle.

2) Keep a dedicated Trash bag in the car:

When you are travelling in the car, there is no option for disposing trash. The direct consequence of this is that we end up storing trash in all nooks and corners of the car and then end up forgetting about them. The vehicle looks shabby with all this stored rubbish. Bills and receipts, used tissues, wrappers or even general rubbish that needs to be discarded can be put into the trash bag. The trash bag can be emptied periodically, once we reach home or our destination and thereby the car would look more neat and tidy.

3) Vacuum clean the interior of the car regularly:

Invest in a car vacuum and use it regularly to vacuum the interior of the car. This will help in avoiding a buildup of dust and dirt in the interior of the car. Regular vacuuming will help in keeping the interior fresh and clean.

4) Store a packet of wet wipes in the dashboard compartment of the car:

This would be highly helpful as you can use the wet wipes to wipe down the solid surfaces of the car. They are highly effective in cleaning and sanitizing the interior surfaces such as dashboard, steering wheel, door compartments and even leather surfaces. While this might not serve to provide a comprehensive cleaning of the car interiors, it could serve as a quick and affordable mechanism towards a clean car interior. It would also help in dissipating some of the bad odor within the car.

5) Use an effective car deodorizer to maintain good smell within the car:  

All our efforts towards keeping the car neat and clean is useless, if there exists a bad odor within the interior of the car. Use a mild and effective deodorizer within the car to eliminate any bad smells and keep the car smelling fresh and clean. Some deodorizers can be prepared at home using available ingredients like baking soda or essential oils also.

6) Wash and wax the car regularly:

Wash the car regularly at a detailing centre because professionals use machines, equipments and tools to perform a detailed cleaning on the vehicle. They can reach areas that we can’t and also ensure that the effects of rust and corrosion are mitigated as well. Similarly, waxing the car at regular intervals ensures that the vehicle is protected from the exposure to the elements of nature and that it’s looks and appearance is preserved from damage.

7) Always store the car in a covered garage:

As much as possible, ensure that the car is parked in a covered garage. Continuous exposure to sunlight and its ultraviolet rays can damage the exterior of the car and cause it to lose its sheen. Also, a vehicle that is exposed to the elements of nature such as rain, wind, dust, tree and bird droppings will have its own share of irreversible damage. Hence, it makes much more sense to ensure vehicle is parked in a covered garage where the damage from the elements of nature would not affect it much.

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