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Auto Detailing Company in Kerala

The Auto Detailing Specialist

Elevate the elegance of your car with our expertise as the best Auto Detailer.

At the forefront of innovative car care, we, a team of skilled professionals, redefine the standards through tending Borophene, Graphene Epitome, and Merchaphene, Paint Protection treatments.


Our delighted customers are a testament to our unparalleled mastery of the auto detailing industry. Recognized as the most esteemed Auto Detailing expert in Kerala, we take pride in delivering resplendent results to car owners driving in from across Kerala and beyond.


Our dedicated Research and Development facility is where our experts have pioneered Borophene and Graphene Treatment solutions, showcasing our commitment to continuous innovation and excellence.

We Are Now in
Kochi & Thrissur

Schimmer Kochi

Leading Auto Detailing Expert in Kochi

The enchanting city of Kochi, nestled in the heart of Kerala's bustling economic epicentre, is renowned for its rich fabric of cultures and vibrant spirit of creative innovation. Kochi is a constantly evolving metropolis that stands for quality and trust like Schimmer Dettagli Our Kochi facility is a haven innovation centre where we provide unparalleled auto paint protecting treatments, interior and exterior treatments including top-tier anti-corrosion protection. Visit us today, and let us restore your car to its pristine self.

Schimmer Thrissur

Most Trusted Auto Detailing Company in Thrissur

Welcome to Schimmer Thrissur, your gateway to premium auto care services in Kerala's cultural capital. Located in a vibrant city known for its iconic Vadakkum Nathan, Thrissur's legacy shines through its jewelers, echoing the unmatched quality and durability mirrored in the GOLD standard of Schimmer Dettagli. Just as gold stands the test of time, we offer uncompromised quality in Car Skin Protection, ensuring a high return on investment. Our team of skilled technicians dives deep into the intricacies of your car, guaranteeing its return to you in an immaculate showroom condition. Trust the best in Auto Detailing, now conveniently at your doorstep in Thrissur—because your car deserves nothing less than a masterpiece.

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