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Schimmer Institute of Detailing Excellence

Schimmer Institute of Detailing

The Schimmer Institute of Detailing Excellence is launched by a group of experienced veterans and auto enthusiasts from the automotive industry. Recognizing the need for highly skilled professionals who can approach the art of detailing business in  scientific way, our aim is to establish an institution that could provide comprehensive training and education in a professional way.

The objective of SIDE is to improve the standard of detailing through a scientific approach. We believe that detailing is not merely a cosmetic enhancement but a meticulous process that requires knowledge, skill, and a deep understanding of materials and technologies.

SIDE provides a diverse array of courses and programs that are designed to cater to professionals at different stages of their career in the detailing and auto industry. From beginners who are just starting out in the industry to seasoned veterans looking to refine their skills.

The curriculum at the SIDE encompasses both theoretical knowledge and practical hands-on training. Students are exposed to various aspects of detailing, including paint correction, interior cleaning, PPT, PPF installation, and more. They also learn about the latest products, tools, and technologies in the industry.

The entrepreneur batch is trained not only in the operational aspects of a detailing store but also in the business viability and the latest digital marketing techniques.

SIDE abides by a structured and rigorous approach to education. Our faculty is comprised of industry experts and professionals who bring a plethora of knowledge and experience to the classroom. The learning journey of students/entrepreneurs is enriched by personalized attention, mentorship, and guidance.

SIDE emphasizes the importance of continuous education and learning to guarantee the highest standards of professionalism. We organize workshops, seminars, and OJT’s to keep students and entrepreneurs updated on the latest trends and developments.

Our dedication to excellence has led SIDE to envision a future where auto detailing professionals are recognised for their technical competence, ethical practices, and business acumen. 

Schimmer Institute of Detailing Excellence

Why a Detailer Need
Professional Training?

  • Improper use of buffers and polishers could result in damaged paint.
  • Improper use of detailing chemicals could cause damage to the vehicle.
  • Unaware about new car and paint technologies may invite damages.
  • Without professional training some of these steps may be difficult to follow.
  • Lack of knowledge can usually result in poor work, upset customers and lost time and money.


Course – Car Detailing

Period – 12 Weeks (Theory + Practical + OJT)
Course Fee – INR 29,000/-
Study Materials & Uniforms – Free

Course – PPF Installation

Period – 4 Weeks (Theory + Practical + OJT)
Course Fee – INR 48,000/-
Study Materials & Uniforms– Free

Course – Entrepreneur Detailing 

Period – 3 Weeks
Course Fee – INR 75.000/-
Viability Study & Digital Marketing Techniques

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Phone – +91 6235002203
Email – [email protected]