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Add a touch of professionalism from Schimmer Thrissur to elevate your vehicle's aesthetics and preserve its pristine condition.

Quality Products Proved by our Research and Development Team

Our SOP permits application of products on patron vehicles tested and proven at our R&D facility.

Innovative Graphene Coating Solutions from
Our R&D Experts

Our specialists have crafted cutting-edge Graphene Coating solutions for automotive detailing at our advanced Research & Development center.

As pioneers in the field, we leverage nanotechnology to revolutionize car detailing. Our expertise includes graphene, graphene epitome, merchaphene coatings, paint protection, and anti-corrosion treatments. The appreciation from our satisfied customers is undeniable evidence of our status as the premier auto detailers in the industry.


Renowned as the foremost authorities in Auto Detailing and Restyling across the enchanting landscapes of Kerala, we take immense pride in delivering results that not only shine but also enchant our valued clients. Our dedication to turning every vehicle we handle into a dazzling masterpiece remains the cornerstone of our strength and accomplishments.

Types of Auto Detailing offered
by Schimmer


Discover a revolution in automotive protection with Schimmer's Borophene Treatment. This advanced solution offers unparalleled advantages, including next-level protection against harsh elements, exceptional scratch and impact resistance, and chemical durability for a lasting glossy finish. With enhanced UV protection, effortless cleaning, and an aesthetic boost, Schimmer ensures your vehicle remains pristine for years. The secret lies in Schimmer's advanced application process, creating a seamless and even distribution of Borophene that forms a strong molecular bond, withstanding the rigors of daily use. Elevate your driving experience with the future of automotive care – experience Schimmer.

Borophene Treatment


Merchaphene Epitome is an advanced auto detailing service using modified graphene, Merchaphene, to enhance vehicle performance. It boosts engine efficiency, reduces friction, improves fuel economy, and extends engine life. This precise technology ensures optimal results, offering a comprehensive solution for maximizing vehicle efficiency and reliability. With Merchaphene Epitome, customers enjoy better engine performance, lower maintenance costs, and an invaluable addition to their auto care routine.

Graphene Epitome

Graphene epitome revolutionizes auto detailing by using synthetic graphene for enhanced vehicle appearance and performance. This advanced service involves meticulous application of graphene, offering exceptional paint protection, corrosion resistance, and heat dispersion. It transforms a car's exterior, ensuring a glossy finish and long-lasting protection against environmental elements, making it a top choice for automotive enthusiasts seeking durability and aesthetic enhancement.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon material known for its strength and conductivity. In automobiles, it's used in lightweight components and advanced batteries.

Yes, by reducing weight and enhancing battery performance, graphene can increase fuel efficiency in vehicles, leading to cost savings and reduced emissions.

Graphene epitome is a synthetic form of graphene with precise properties, offering superior consistency and quality for automotive applications.

Graphene epitome enhances structural integrity and electrical conductivity, making it ideal for producing high-performance and durable automobile components.

Mercaphene is a sulfur-modified graphene derivative. It's used to improve the lubrication and wear resistance of engine parts in cars.

Mercaphene's anti-friction properties reduce engine wear and enhance lubrication, leading to improved fuel efficiency and longer engine life, which is crucial for automotive services.