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Infuse Schimmer Cochin's touch of professionalism to enhance your vehicle's aesthetics to maintain its mint condition.

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Our SOP permits application of products on patron vehicles tested and proven at our R&D facility.

Innovative Graphene Coating Solutions from
Our R&D Experts

Our experts have developed advanced Graphene Coating solutions at our dedicated Research & Development facility.

We are skilled car care professionals who push the boundaries of car care with Nano-technology in Epitome Graphene Coating, Paint Protection, and Anti-Corrosion treatments. Our happy customers stand testament that we have outperformed our mastery in the auto detailing industry.

We are the most reputed Auto Detailing and Restyling experts in Kerala. We take pride in providing shimmering results to any car owner who drives in from anywhere in Kerala or beyond.

Types of Auto Detailing offered by Schimmer


Discover a revolution in automotive protection with Schimmer's Borophene Treatment. This advanced solution offers unparalleled advantages, including next-level protection against harsh elements, exceptional scratch and impact resistance, and chemical durability for a lasting glossy finish. With enhanced UV protection, effortless cleaning, and an aesthetic boost, Schimmer ensures your vehicle remains pristine for years. The secret lies in Schimmer's advanced application process, creating a seamless and even distribution of Borophene that forms a strong molecular bond, withstanding the rigors of daily use. Elevate your driving experience with the future of automotive care – experience Schimmer.

Borophene Treatment


Merchaphene epitome is an innovative and specialized auto detailing service designed to significantly enhance the performance and longevity of vehicles. This service incorporates the application of Merchaphene, a modified graphene derivative, to various automotive components. Merchaphene epitome improves lubrication and reduces friction within the engine, leading to enhanced fuel efficiency and prolonged engine life. The precise application of this technology ensures optimal results, offering a comprehensive solution for those seeking to maximize their vehicle's efficiency, reliability and a reduction in maintenance costs, making it a valuable addition to any auto detailing regimen.

Graphene Epitome

Graphene epitome, in the realm of auto detailing, represents a cutting-edge service that leverages the exceptional properties of synthetic graphene. This advanced material is meticulously applied to vehicles to enhance their appearance, protection, and performance. Graphene epitome involves precise engineering and application, resulting in a thin yet robust layer that boosts the vehicle's durability and aesthetics. It offers exceptional paint protection, corrosion resistance, heat dispersion and ensuring a long-lasting, stunning appearance.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Graphene is a one-atom-thick carbon material known for its strength and conductivity. In automobiles, it's used in lightweight components and advanced batteries.

Yes, by reducing weight and enhancing battery performance, graphene can increase fuel efficiency in vehicles, leading to cost savings and reduced emissions.

Graphene epitome is a synthetic form of graphene with precise properties, offering superior consistency and quality for automotive applications.

Graphene epitome enhances structural integrity and electrical conductivity, making it ideal for producing high-performance and durable automobile components.

Mercaphene is a sulfur-modified graphene derivative. It's used to improve the lubrication and wear resistance of engine parts in cars.

Mercaphene's anti-friction properties reduce engine wear and enhance lubrication, leading to improved fuel efficiency and longer engine life, which is crucial for automotive services.