5 important benefits of Auto Detailing
The focus of an Auto Detailing service is to extensively clean the vehicle so that it is restored to pristine, factory like standards.


What is Auto Detailing?

Auto detailing refers to the process of extensively cleaning both the interior and exterior of the automobile, using both tools and equipments and also labor intensive processes by hand. Auto detailing ensures that every nook and corner of the car is cleaned by dedicated experts. The emphasis is to restore and preserve the car in as much as possible to pristine factory standards. It is not just about removing dust, debris and grime.

Detailing is not only about repairing the paintwork of the vehicle. It has the added benefit of providing the automobile with a stunning finish from every angle. Auto Detailing is an essential part of car care, if you are passionate about your car and want to maintain it in immaculate conditions.

How is Auto Detailing different from a Car Wash?

The focus of an Auto Detailing service is to extensively clean the vehicle so that it is restored to pristine, factory like standards. Every inch of the car is meticulously cleaned and refurbished during the process of auto detailing. Auto detailing is a labor intensive process where we have detailing experts who inspect the car and carry out detailed processes manually by hand or using specialized tools.

In contrast during a Car Wash, the focus is to remove the dust, grime and dirt from the external and internal surface of the car. It is not as precise a procedure or as labor intensive as Auto Detailing. Usually, the car’s interior is vacuumed clean and the exterior is subjected to a manual or automatic cleaning during a car wash.   

What are the benefits of Auto Detailing?

There are tremendous benefits for having your car detailed by professionals. Some of these key benefits are listed below:

  • Protect the exterior paintwork of the car:

The car’s exterior is subjected to dust, dirt, debris and grime from the environment, on a daily basis. To keep the car clean and to protect the paintwork from damage, it is necessary to ensure that vehicle is properly cleaned. Auto detailing is a labour intensive process through which dirt and debris is first removed from the surface of the vehicle in a careful manner.

During detailing, care is taken to repair the scratches on the paint job, wherever possible. Also, a thick layer of wax will be applied to the paint of your car by the technician during the auto detailing session. This wax will give your new automobile its original sheen while also acting as a barrier of protection.

  • Keeps the interior of the car clean and fresh:

During auto detailing, special care is given to clean and protect the interior of the car. The seats and interior parts of the car are carefully cleaned to remove any trace of dirt, dust or stains.  Protective chemicals are used to clean and treat the interior surfaces to restore it to factory standards. To stop cracking and rips, a protective solution and moisturizer is applied to leather surfaces The leather interiors are given special treatment and are cleaned well to restore its gloss and shine while cloth interior is often shampooed to remove any stain or dust on it. A fabric guard may be used to shield the cloth seats against new stains.

  • Improves air quality inside your car

When the car is subjected to auto detailing on a periodic basis, dust and dirt in the car will not be allowed to build up over time. The air conditioning system in the car often distributes dust and dirt all throughout the car if it is not cleaned regularly. This could lead to foul smell and passengers who travel in the car will be exposed to different types of allergens. A proper detailing will help eliminate all such pollutants and allergens from inside the car and this will create a fresh and clean atmosphere within the vehicle.

  • Attention to detail

During a car wash, the exterior of the car is washed and cleaned on a superficial basis. However, during auto detailing, professionals use specialized tools and machinery to clean and restore every inch of the car. Each step is completed with utmost care and expertise. Auto detailing does not happen overnight. This process is carried out over a lengthy period of time to ensure that every detail is attended to, in a meticulous manner. Such a detailed cleaning is to restore the car’s exterior and interior up to factory standards, as much as possible.

  • Increases the value of the car:

Auto detailing can significantly increase the value of the vehicle as it gives the vehicle an impeccable look. Once the vehicle is subjected to auto detailing by a professional detailer and all the flaws in the paintwork is removed, it will be restored to pristine condition. In addition to this, the detailing experts will ensure that both the car’s interior and exterior is restored to factory standards.

The pleasure of owning a car is multiplied manifold when it is cleaned and maintained in a professional manner. Auto detailing ensures that the paintwork on the car is protected; the interior is clean and fresh, thereby increasing the value of the car. Auto detailing will help you make your vehicle seem its best, whether you plan to sell it, show it off, or keep it on your drive.

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