Top 5 reasons for your Car stains
How to avoid car stains are ugly blots that detract from the look and aesthetics of the car.


Car stains are ugly blots that detract from the look and aesthetics of the car. While there are many reasons for paint damage in cars, such as environmental factors, improper cleaning habits, scratches, damage done by road accidents and impacts etc, sometimes people complain of having scratches or swirl marks on their cars even if they keep it parked under covered and enclosed parking spaces.

One of the prime reasons for this is using a rag cloth to clean the car. Covering a dirty car with a car cover also leads to such scratches. These scratches are a result of dust particles rubbing against the car paint. In fact, you must not use a dry cloth to clean your car. Using a dry cloth after dropping it on the floor to clean the car will cause scratch and swirl marks on the car body. 

Many people don’t have proper parking facilities and their cars are parked out in the open, facing the weather extremes 24X7. All these elements affect the paint of your car, and it fades, chips or gets scratched. Now that we have gone through the various reasons for paint damage, let us review the top 5 reasons for Car stains.

The top 5 reasons for Car Stains are as follows:

1. Stains due to exposure to Sunlight

Cars cannot hope to escape sunlight. Sunlight has ultraviolet rays that cause radiation and there are multiple effects of radiation on cars. It can cause the paint on the cars to lose its sheen, it can cause a tanning effect on the car, it can also lead to paint deterioration in cars, it can cause paint to peel away leaving the car looking like an eyesore.  Exposure and overexposure to sunlight leaves irreversible lasting effects on the car. Some of the natural ways of protecting the car from the harsh sunlight would be to park it in a covered garage or keep it covered with a car cover, when not in use.

2. Water stains

Water stains tend to remain on the car if it is not properly cleaned after it rains or after the vehicle is washed. Water spots are not harmless as it is often full of contamination, pollutants, debris and this can easily leave lasting damages to the paint of the vehicle. The water spots are often ignored because not many people realize the permanent nature of the damage it can cause. However, it is necessary to ensure that vehicles are rubbed down with a microfiber cloth immediately after it rains or the vehicle washing to ensure that the vehicle remains free from stains.

3. Chemical stains

Automobiles are often exposed to chemicals and various types of oils. Spillage of these materials onto the surface area of the car will result in damages to the paint quality and often these are not reversible unless the vehicle goes in for expensive cosmetic treatment. Some of these treatments are expensive in nature as well. Therefore special care must be paid to ensure that oil or coolant or chemical spillage does not occur and if it does occur, the vehicle must be cleaned immediately to ensure that there are no permanent stains that remain on the car.

4. Stains from Bird and Animal droppings

Animal, bird and insect droppings contain chemicals and when these chemicals fall on the metal body of the car, there is a reaction that causes corrosion to the car. This can damage both the look of the car as well as its metal exterior. Bird and animal droppings occur largely when the vehicle is parked outdoors or under trees. It is better to park the vehicle in a covered garage as much as possible and if this is not an option, it is better to opt to cover the car with a car cover or park it away from trees.

5. Stains from tree sap and fruit droppings

Cars that are parked under trees or foliage are subject to damage from fruit and foliage droppings, sticky seed or sap droppings etc. These kind of debris or fruit droppings have different types of chemicals in them. These chemicals leave lasting scars or stains on the car when it reacts with the paint on the automobile. Therefore, it is never advised to park vehicles under trees or next to them.

A clean and well maintained car serves as a positive reflection on the owner of the vehicle. It also adds value to the worth of the vehicle. On a different note, a vehicle that is not well maintained will not fetch a good value if the owner is considering resale of the same. The automobile industry offers multiple solutions towards mitigating the effects of all these elements that serve to damage the look of the car.

While there are protective measures to reduce the environment effects on cars, it is something that a car owner needs to be proactive about. Prevention is definitely better than cure so opting for a reliable and protective paint protection package would be definitely a good investment to preserve the value of the vehicle.

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