Changing trends in automobile painting in the year 2022


Automobile manufacturers spend millions each year to research upcoming trends in order to establish surface, texture, and color options for future models. They are influenced by a variety of things including, but not restricted to, business, fashion, consumer goods, nature, and technology. The automobile manufacturers then pass on this information to their Research and Development departments so that they can take decisions on upcoming mass manufacturing strategies.

What are the different shades of colors that are most commonly preferred by Automobile users?

The most popular color of choice for automobile owners is White, while Black follows closely as the second favorite. Most car owners prefer to go with these basic colors. However, that is not to say that other colors are not preferred. Some other colors preferred by car owners, in order of ranking are as follows: Grey, Silver, Red, Blue, Brown, Green etc…

Nowadays it is common practice for Car manufacturers to mix paints and come up with shades of colors that are unique to their brand. These colors often make their vehicles stand out from the crowd and give the vehicle a unique perspective.

What is the difference between Normal and Metallic paints?

Normal paints or Solid Colors refer to the basic colors such as White, Black, Red, Blue, Grey, Silver etc. They are basic in nature and vehicles with these colors are relatively easier to maintain.

When making metallic automotive paint, aluminum powder is infused into the solid color to give it more depth and a shimmering effect than solid paint. Metallic paints are better at disguising flaws than solid paint, but they are also more expensive and more difficult to color match. Metallic hues provide a glossy finish with a mirror-like appearance. That’s not present in solid colors. Metallic colors require more maintenance because they are more likely to scratch and show those marks.

Compared to a vehicle with normal paint finish, metallic automobile paint endures longer. It maintains a sheen longer than a regular finish and is excellent at resisting bleaching or fading due to constant exposure to sunlight or rain. A car with metallic paint is typically more expensive than one with a conventional finish.

What are Flakes in Car Paint?

Metal Flakes are a coating with a varnish that has been blended with shiny metallic particles. These are what are referred to as effect pigments. Compared to the particles in typical metallic painting, these particles are bigger and more brilliant.

How do Flakes improve the look of the paint on the car?

The flakes catch the rays of sunlight and glint during sunny days. This is because the flakes mixed in the paint can reflect sunlight and when an observer catches this reflection, the vehicle appears to shine and glitter. This gives the vehicle a beautiful and attractive look.

However, bear in mind, that with the passage of time, it could become difficult to maintain the same look of the car, as at the time of purchase, if the vehicle is not maintained with due care and maintenance.

And this is where the relevance of professional Automobile detailing firms comes into prominence. A professional detailing firm would understand the nuances of your car and provide it with the specialized treatment that it deserves. Each car is different and different types of car paints require different types of treatment. The one size fits all policy will not work when it comes to dealing with automobiles and their upkeep.

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