The benefits of Anti-Corrosion treatment
Anti-Corrosion treatments offer an additional layer of protection to the vehicle


Cars are made of metals and metals are prone to rust and corrosion. Corrosion occurs when the metallic body of the car is exposed to water or the moisture in the air, for a prolonged period of time. Corrosion weakens the metal and shortens the life span of the vehicle. To avoid such a situation, it is recommended to put the car through an anti-corrosion treatment.

Kerala is characterized by the Tropical Monsoon climate and it is also located along the coastal belt. We experience a higher percentage of humidity in the atmosphere. The vehicles which ply on our roads have to deal with both higher than normal moisture, and also sea water proximity. The presence of sea salts in the atmosphere increases the chances of corrosion in our vehicles. Given these factors, getting an anti-corrosion treatment would be a wise course of action if you intend to maintain your vehicle in a mint condition and increase its life span.


Corrosion protection is meant to protect the body and the various components of the car from natural rusting. An anti corrosion agent, is applied to the metal body of the car to prevent moisture from reacting with the metal. This is then covered up with a layer of paint. There are parts of the vehicle that have not been painted. These parts, especially in the underbody of the vehicle, need special protection. Therefore a uniform application of an anti-corrosive material is not possible.

Also certain parts of the car rust faster than other parts. And rust and corrosion might not be always visible to the eye. Hence, each part of the car must be treated in a separate and special manner. The anti-corrosive substance also serves to protect the vehicle from other kinds of damage such as damage from stones, gravel etc…

Is anti-corrosion treatment necessary?

Rust does not just threaten the appearance of the vehicle. It threatens the durability and stability of the vehicle as well. The rusted metal body gets eroded with the passage of time and this reduces the strength of the structure. Over time and under pressure, the affected part could break or deteriorate. An automobile is essentially a machine, which will be exposed to the elements of nature for the entire duration of its life span. If we do not pay careful attention to its maintenance, it could malfunction and breakdown, while it is being operated.

On an average, the vehicle has to contend with:

  • Wet and humid weather
  • Potholes on the roads
  • Water logged roads
  • Dirt and mud
  • Gravel, bits of asphalt and stones.

All these factors are detrimental to the life span of the car and it is the owner who needs to make a decision on whether we need to extend protection for the vehicle or not.

Benefits of Anti-corrosion treatment

Anti-Corrosion treatments offer an additional layer of protection to the vehicle. Some of the advantages of opting for this treatment are as follows:

  • Extends the Life of the vehicle: A vehicle that is rust free will be structurally stronger and mechanically sound. An anti corrosion treatment will help in maintaining the vehicle and ensuring that it remains in pristine condition.
  • Reduces repair costs: Rust which is left untreated can weaken the vehicle. Also the brake system and underbody of the vehicle is especially prone to rust and corrosion and this could lead to fatal accidents. Rust proofing the vehicle keeps the repair costs down and protects both the vehicle and its passengers.
  • Safety of the vehicle: Corrosion and rust will compromise the functioning of many integral parts of the vehicle. It can also weaken the structure of the vehicle and its ability to withstand pressure. In collisions, corroded parts can cause panels to collapse in ways not intended by the manufacturer. Therefore, anti corrosion treatments help in ensuring that safety of the vehicle is not compromised.
  • Higher resale value: Vehicles that are rust and corrosion free have a higher resale value. The added protection is an additional bonus for the new buyer. This also sends out the message that the owner of the car has left no stone unturned in maintaining the car in a pristine condition.
  • Reduces Environmental impact: Rust-free vehicles and their metal components can be recycled, thereby reducing environmental waste.

Rust and Corrosion is not something that happens overnight. Neither is it something that is visible to the untrained eye. The decision of whether to go in for an Anti-corrosion treatment or not is entirely up to the owner. However, when you compare the cost of protection to the cost of repair and reflect on the irreversible nature of the damage caused by rust and corrosion, it is really not a matter of choice.

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