5 essential tips on Car Leather Care

5 simple procedures on Car leather care to keep your leather vehicle seats and upholstery in mint condition

Car Leather Care is an important concept because Leather interior is considered as a luxury, and this is why customers are willing to pay premium prices for this option. The Leather interior of a car is an indication of grandeur and elegance. It provides the car with a luxurious feel and appearance. Many consumers choose leather seats due to its silky smooth feel, pleasant odor, and degree of comfort.

Although leather interiors are more expensive, they are constantly in high demand among automobile customers. Vehicles with a leather interior typically have a higher resale value.

Unfortunately, leather is far more prone to ordinary wear and tear as well as sun damage. Although leather seats are more durable, it must be conditioned on a regular basis to ensure that they do not fracture or lose their sheen. At the same time, it is possible to obtain fantastic results with a little care and preventative maintenance. Leather seats are much easier to clean and they are stain-resistant. They are also resistant to odours caused by stains and the people who produce them. Leather seats also respond better to seat warmers.

Car Leather Care – Points to Consider:

Leather, like our skin, may become dry and brittle after prolonged sun exposure, causing the material to crack and fade. Leather automobile seats require careful and periodic maintenance in order to retain their resale value. The frequency of how often we should care for the leather interiors depends on how frequently we use the vehicle.

To keep your leather vehicle seats and upholstery from cracking or fading in the sun, clean and preserve them on a periodic basis. We recommend that you follow these 5 simple procedures on Car leather care to keep your leather vehicle seats and upholstery in mint condition:

Step 1 in Car Leather Care – Vacuuming the interior:

Begin by cleaning up any dust, dirt, food residue or soil particles from the car’s interior using a portable vacuum cleaner. Take special care to reach deep between the seat borders to suck up as much dirt, dust and debris, as possible.

It is important to vacuum clean the seats first. Avoid pressing down on the leather seats using the vacuum cleaner as it may leave indentations or marks on the leather surface. Also soil and food residue can cause microscopic scratches on the leather cushions and this may be difficult to conceal or erase.

Step 2 in Car Leather Care – Cleaning:

Once the car is vacuumed thoroughly, apply a thin layer of leather cleaner and conditioner to each panel of the leather interior. Take care to choose a leather cleaner with non-toxic ingredients to wipe down the seats. Spray the product on a microfiber cloth with cleaner (for the health of the seats, never spray cleaner directly on the seats, especially if they’re perforated), and gently remove the dirt and grime. When it comes to any stains or dirt, use a larger concentration of product to make it easier to get rid of.

Step 3 in Car Leather Care – Conditioning:

After the seats are cleaned and dried, we need to condition the leather. Leather often loses some of its oils due to cracking and dry conditions. Conditioning restores oils back to the leather, keeping it supple and healthy.

A conditioner made with natural substances will perform better than one made with synthetics. Avoid using petroleum or waxes since they will make the leather seem oily or dull.

Apply the natural conditioner on a wet and clean microfiber cloth. To apply the conditioner, gently massage the cloth over the seats. Too much conditioner might harm the seats, so we need to take care that we don’t overdo it. After conditioning the leather, it is necessary to keep the vehicle out of direct sunlight. We need to ensure that nothing comes into contact with the seats for at least an hour while the conditioner is sitting on them. Once they’re dry, rub them with another clean microfiber cloth to remove any remaining dirt or grime.

Ideally, conditioning will only be required a few times a year.

Step 4 in Car Leather Care – Scrubbing and Wiping:

Some dirt may remain after you’ve cleaned out the seats, so spray the cleanser onto a soft brush, and then gently scrub the seats. Dirt should rise to the surface and be readily removed with a clean microfiber cloth. If the seats are really dirty, a second session of scrubbing may be required.

Scrubbing should be avoided if the seats have an uneven pattern or are perforated. Water or moisture does not dry easily from perforated surfaces and it cannot be scrubbed off completely. If the residue of the cleaning liquid or water does not dry off properly, it could lead to the growth of mould on the seats.

It is essential to wipe away any extra water or cleanser to avoid discoloration or staining of the leather. Wipe away any extra product and dirt with the microfiber cloth. Any abrasive particles that get free during the cleaning process will be sucked into the delicate strands of the microfiber material and this will preserve the vehicle’s leather interior from scratches.

Step 5 in Car Leather Care – Buffing:

The final step is to switch to the clean side of the microfiber cloth and buff the freshly cleaned leather to a gorgeous, glossy sheen. Taking the time to do this thoroughly helps the softening and hydrating ingredients in the leather conditioner to reach every nook and cranny of the leather upholstery. This prevents the leather from cracking or fading under the pressure caused by extended exposure to sunlight and its harsh UV rays.

We can’t just condition our seats once and expect the car’s leather to last forever. Conditioners wear off and are not guaranteed for life. It is critical to clean and maintain the interior leather every time the vehicle undergoes car detailing. When caring for the leather interior, we cannot afford to forget the door cards, dashboards, steering wheels, and gear knobs. It’s not only the seats that suffer from wear and grime buildup! Taking care of the car’s interior is an integral part of Car Care. Maintaining the automobile in a pristine condition is a matter of pride. A clean and well maintained vehicle speaks volumes about its owner.

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