5 important accessories that every car owner should carry on a long trip

Every car owner should maintain a few essential items in the car to ensure that they are prepared for any eventualities or emergencies.

Every car owner should maintain a few essential items in the car to ensure that they are prepared for any eventualities or emergencies. Whether you’re a novice or seasoned driver, make sure you have these supplies on hand to keep your vehicle in top condition. These items help the automobile owner stay safe and prepared, and they range from emergency supplies to regular maintenance tools.

Accessories that every car owner should carry on a long trip

  1. Spare tyre and kit:

Every vehicle owner should ensure that there is a spare tyre available in the car because a flat tyre is the most common vehicle emergency that one can face. Nowadays it is required by law to carry a spare tyre in the car. However, it is prudent to ensure that we not only carry a spare tyre but also the tools required to remove and replace the tyre in case of emergencies.

If you are stranded on the road on account of a flat tyre, the last thing you would want is not to have the necessary tools required to change it. Even if you are unable to change the tyre yourself, the availability of the right tools will make it easier for anyone who steps out to assist you.

2. Battery cables:

The emergency kit in every car should include battery cables because a dead battery is a commonly frequent occurrence. Normally automobile users do not have much warning before the battery runs out. If you are caught unaware by a dead battery and wish to jumpstart your car with the help of another car owner, you will need battery cables.

It is the responsibility of every car owner to carry the tools and equipments they require rather than rely on others to have it with them. These cables can be easily stored in the car for emergency use. Even if you might not need it, it would certainly aid others who are stranded and require your help.

3. Empty fuel can

If you ever run out of petrol or gas while on the road, you do have the option of walking to the nearest petrol station to get a refill. However, it is easier to walk with an empty fuel can rather than push or tow your car to the petrol station for the refill. An empty fuel can in the car ensures that you are prepared for emergencies. In some instances, it would also be a wise move to carry some petrol in the can if you are going to travel to remote areas that you are not familiar with.

4. Essential Fluids

It makes sense to carry some essential fluids in the car, so as to avoid unexpected emergencies. An emergency kit consisting of a small pack of engine oil, coolant and windshield wiper fluid would ensure that we are prepared for all situations. If you are travelling interstate or through remote areas, where it might not be possible to find mechanics or workshops easily, it makes sense to have a contingency plan ready. 

5. First Aid Kit

Car owners often neglect to carry a first aid kit in their vehicles. A first aid kit is not an expensive option and carrying it indicates that the vehicle owner acknowledges the dangers of the road. In the instance of a mishap or an accident, it could be some time before help arrives and in these instances, it makes sense to carry a first aid kit in the car. The kit might be a life saver for the car owner or the passengers. It does not hurt to be prepared for emergencies.

Whether the automobile is only used for drives between home and work or for weekend use with family, the preparations we make and our attention to detail is what might save us a lot of time and money. There are simple steps that we can all take now that could eventually end up saving someone’s life. A wise man is always prepared for emergencies. While there is no harm in always hoping for the best, it is best to be prepared for the worst.

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