5 ways how Graphene Epitome protects your car

Graphene Epitome is one of the latest revolutionary methods of paint protection.

What is Graphene Epitome coating?

Automobile manufacturers are devising new and innovative methods to protect the paint on the vehicle. This is now necessary more than ever, because the average life of the automobile has increased over time and if owners are to maintain their prized vehicles in mint condition, they need all the help they can get.

This is where Graphene Epitome comes in. Graphene Epitome is one of the latest revolutionary methods of paint protection. Graphene, as the name suggests, is a carbon based product. Graphene Epitome is a substance that is applied by professional detailers on the surface of the vehicle evenly, to mitigate the effect of environmental pollution or damage. The vehicle’s surface is coated with Graphene Epitome as it has certain qualities that make it invaluable to automobile enthusiasts.

What are the qualities of Graphene Epitome?

  1. The primary attribute is that Graphene is a tough product. The sturdiness and strength of Graphene ensures that water or pollutants like dust and debris do not stick on to the surface of the car. Because of Graphene’s durability and strength, water can drain off without being obstructed. This will help in locking in and keeping the gloss of your car’s paint. Once Graphene Epitome coating is applied to the surface of the car, it gives car owners the same brand-new sheen and gloss of the painted surface as when they first bought their cars.
  2. A secondary aspect of Graphene that makes it invaluable to Car Detailers is that it is anti-static in nature. Graphene is used to increase the strength of the other materials. In addition to this, adding a layer of Graphene coating on the vehicle helps in keeping dust off it, due to its electrical and thermal conductivity qualities. This anti-static characteristic of Graphene Epitome enables the vehicle to effectively resist dust from its surface, leaving behind a cleaner, more attractive and shiny surface.

How does Graphene Epitome help in protecting your car and maintaining it?

Application of Graphene Epitome on the car will help in protecting the car from the elements of nature and pollution. Here are 5 ways how Graphene Epitome will help in maintaining the car in mint condition:

  1. It prevents damage to the vehicle’s exterior paint, due to exposure to the Sun’s Ultraviolet rays. Graphene Epitome prevents oxidation and this prevents paint on the vehicle from overheating and wearing out. It serves as a barrier between the vehicle’s paint and the harsh and damaging effects of the sun’s rays.
  2. Once Graphene Epitome is applied to the surface of the vehicle, it prevents water from remaining on the body of the vehicle. The water drops tend to slid off the vehicle, without leaving any mark on the body of the car. This helps in preventing water spots and the residual stains that it could leave on the vehicle. This is specifically helpful during rainy season or when the vehicle has to pass over water ponds on the road. Water contains a lot of impurities such as pollutants, salt, dust and debris and if this remains on the vehicle and reacts with the paint on the body of the car, it can lead to lasting damages. An application of Graphene Epitome helps in dispelling this threat.
  3. Graphene Epitome has chemical shielding properties that help prevent oxidation. The molecules of elements such as Oxygen or Water will not be able to react with the metal of the car and cause corrosion or rust once Graphene Epitome is applied to the vehicle. Since rust or corrosion cannot touch the vehicle, this will help in ensuring that both looks and health of the car is maintained for a longer period.
  4. The chemical properties of Graphene Epitome is such that it resistant to the hazardous effects of many other chemical products. It serves as a shield to chemical degradation and therefore spillage of corrosive liquids such as oil, coolant or any other fluids will not cause any adverse effects to the vehicle, as it would have for vehicles that do not have the advantage of the protection of Graphene Epitome coating.
  5. Graphene Epitome is Hydrophobic in nature and one of the biggest benefits of this is that water or liquids do not stay on the surface of the vehicle. The presence of water droplets on the surface of the vehicle attracts dust, debris and pollutants and this makes it extremely difficult to clean the vehicle. With the application of Graphene Epitome, it becomes relatively easier to maintain the vehicle in a spick and span manner. The amount of dust or dirt on the car is minimal and it takes both lesser time and effort for cleaning the car and restoring it to mint condition.

These are just few of the advantages of how Graphene Epitome coating can make a major difference to the vehicle. There are many other benefits such as it provides the car with a luxurious appearance, the paint has a more opulent look, it enhances the appearance of the car, the vehicle looks glossy and factory standards are maintained for a longer period etc….

If you wish to maintain your car with a luxurious look and feel, it is time to make the smart move and let the car shimmer like a Star!

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