Discover the importance of AC Disinfection in Cars
The importance of AC Disinfection in Cars


What is AC Disinfection?

AC Disinfection refers to the process of removing all bacteria, virus or micro-organisms from all the surface areas of the Air Conditioning system through the process of thorough cleaning.

Why is AC Disinfection necessary in Cars?

The Car’s AC system is a breeding ground for germs, bacteria, fungi and spores. These pathogenic micro-organisms, along with dust and dirt accumulate within the Car’s AC System and cause foul odors within the car. The risk of infection from these microbes is quite high when you are in the car, because the car is a small enclosed space which is often shared by at least four people. There is more chance of a viral infection if proper care and attention is not paid to the cleaning of the AC System in the car.

Also prolonged periods of exposure to dust and dirt and the accumulation of grime and spores within the Air conditioning system would impair its functioning. The Air conditioning system would begin to emit a foul spell and it would perform at less than optimal levels. If periodic servicing and cleaning is not done, this could affect the functioning of the unit and could cause it to break down completely.

How do you know it is time to disinfect the car’s AC System?

If you have not serviced the AC in your car for a long time, and you are driving around in hot and humid climate zones, it is quite possible that you will find both mold and mildew within the AC system of your car. Mold and mildew are a kind of fungus that grows and thrives in damp, moist environments.

The presence of moisture in the air (rain, humidity, or water leakage) and the lack of airflow within the car creates a perfect environment for the growth of these organic creatures. The Air conditioner becomes fertile ground for the growth and development of mold and mildew. They gradually take over more space within the AC and this affects the normal functioning of the AC system.

It is time to take the car to the experts for AC Disinfection, when you notice any or all of the following within the car:

  • Constant Foul smell within the car.
  • The Air conditioner does not function properly and does not release cool air.
  • There is a stuffy feeling in the car

All these are signs that the AC is performing in less than ideal conditions. This is the right time to take the car to an expert so that the problem can be diagnosed and treated. Delay in resolving these minor issues could lead to major problems and it would not be quite so easy or cost effective to deal with them.

How often should you take the car in for AC Disinfection?

Ideally the AC system in the car should be serviced and AC Disinfection done at least once a year. However, this can differ depending on the frequency of use of the car. The climatic condition of the area is also an important factor that we need to consider while making the decision to take the car in for AC Disinfection or not.

The function of the AC system is to infuse clean air inside the vehicle. The Air conditioning system in a car is one of its most important features. The air quality inside the car is also a vital factor because as the air quality reduces, the passengers of the car are exposed to pathogens and allergens that cause various kinds of illnesses and allergies. All this leads to adverse health effects. Therefore it is necessary to pay special attention towards maintaining and servicing it on a regular basis.

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