What is Graphene Coating and why is it important in 2022

Graphene coating is one of the most recent developments in the automobile detailing industry.

Graphene Coating is an option available in the market for car owners who are looking to protect the paint on their vehicles and extend its life. The average car owner who is looking forward to protect his prized vehicle from the detrimental elements of nature or customary wear and tear would be spoilt for choice because of the vast variety of options available in the current market.

Today, let us try and understand one such product that promises value for money and guarantees that the vehicle will be maintained in pristine conditions.

What is Graphene coating?

Graphene coating is one of the most recent developments in the automobile detailing industry. Graphene is a carbon based substance that is applied or coated on the surface of the vehicle to protect the body of the vehicle and maintain it to factory standards.

Graphene has two qualities that make it invaluable among vehicle detailers. The first attribute of Graphene is its toughness. The second attribute is its anti-static quality. When applied to a car, the ultra-hard, anti-static graphene layer prevents dust and debris from settling down. This coating performs better than any other coating on the market thanks to its physical attributes.

What are the advantages of Graphene Coating?

  • Prevents Water Spots: When the residual water droplets on the car is left to dry off in air, it leaves behind water spots on the car. These water stains can harm your car’s paint finish in a variety of ways. They not only lend a terrible appearance to the car, but they can also permanently harm the paintwork. One of the major advantages of Graphene coating is the elimination of water spots from the body of the vehicle.
  • Anti Corrosive: Graphene is the thinnest known corrosion prevention coating. It has exceptional shielding properties and can prevent corrosive factors like Oxygen and Water molecules from reacting with the metal body of the vehicle. A layer of Graphene protection applied to the car can prevent rusting or corrosion of the vehicle. This automatically extends both life and look of the automobile. Also, as a result of the ultra-smoothness of Graphene’s low friction surface, abrasive activities are less likely to leave behind minute lines and scratches on the vehicle.
  • Chemically Resistant: One of the properties of Graphene is that it is chemically resistant. So, when a layer of graphene coating is applied to the surface of the vehicle, it provides protection against any chemical spillage or reactions that can damage the paintwork or body of the vehicle.
  • Hydrophobic: The main purpose of applying a coating to the paintwork of the vehicle is to protect it from water, oil or any other type of liquid corrosion. The coating is meant to serve as a barrier to the liquid. Therefore the material chosen for coating should be highly hydrophobic. Graphene’s hydrophobicity is unmatched, which means that water simply slides off surfaces that have graphene coating. The hydrophobic layer shields the skin from substance adhesion, reduces chemical infiltration and eventual deterioration of paint.
  • Simple to clean and dry: It is relatively easier to clean and maintain the car, thanks to the hydrophobic self-cleaning properties of the graphene covering. The application of Graphene detailers, both after and in between washes, will ensure that the coating on the car remains for a longer period of time.
  • Luxurious appearance: People go in for Graphene coating as it transforms the appearance of the vehicle. Once graphene coating is applied to the vehicle, it takes the appearance of the car to the next level. The car’s paint job may appear more opulent and actually have greater depth if you add graphene to it. It offers a particularly glossy and wet appearance to the vehicle. There is enhanced reflectivity, anti-fouling properties and UV protection.

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