It’s always a sad day when your car gets a scratch, especially if it’s new. Scratches make your car look less appealing and, in extreme cases, they expose the body of your car to elements that can cause more damage.

Simple scratches are easy to fix, and you can do them yourself using products you find at any automotive store.

What do I need to remove a light scratch on my car?

All you need to buff out light marks and blend them in with the rest of the topcoat are two microfiber cloths and a scratch remover product that you can find in any automotive shop.

How do I remove a scratch on my car?

Just follow these simple steps to remove a light scratch from your car:

1. Wash and dry your car thoroughly to remove any dirt or grime to avoid leaving more scratches on the paint when you use the microfiber cloth.

2. Next, apply a small amount of the scratch remover to the microfiber cloth and apply it over the scratch and its immediate surrounding area.

3. Rub in the product with moderate pressure using an overlapping circular motion. Make sure to move in one direction (either clockwise or anticlockwise).

4. After about 60 seconds, let the product rest until it dries to a haze. 

5. Remove the dried product with a fresh, super soft microfiber towel.

6. Repeat the process 2-3 times until the scratch is buffed away.

This process only works on light scratches on your vehicle. Deeper scratches will need more professional tools to buff out.

How to identify the type of scratch on your car?

Ordinarily, car makers apply three layers of paint to protect the car body:

• Primer,

• Base paint,

• Clearcoat (also known as topcoat)

The severity depends on how many layers the scratch has penetrated. You can test this using the simple ‘Fingernail test’ by running your fingernail across the scratch. There are two possible outcomes:

1. If the fingernail doesn’t catch on the scratch, then only the clearcoat is affected and can be easily buffed out using the above method.

2. If the fingernail catches on the scratch, then it is possible the scratch has penetrated to the base paint or primer and requires more advanced tools to fix.

 You can purchase these tools and buff out the scratches yourself. But it is always advisable to take it to a professional as the process is tedious and if not done properly can leave your car looking worse for wear.

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