How can you ensure Paint protection of your Car in 2022
Paint Protection keeps your automobile looking brand-new for a very long time and offers practical advantages including defense against dents, pollutants and the elements.


Paint Protection keeps your automobile looking brand-new for a very long time and offers practical advantages including defense against dents, pollutants and the elements.

For automobile owners, there is nothing better than cruising around town in a car that has just been painted and polished. Unfortunately, maintaining your car’s aesthetic attractiveness requires a lot of work. You must spend money, time, and energy to protect your car’s paint effectively.

Automobiles usually have multiple layers of paint and paint protection applied to it, to shield the vehicle’s surface from harm, when they arrive at the dealerships. But with time, the paint will undoubtedly be subjected to impurities, the environment, and car washes, which will surely cause the clear coat to deteriorate.

A good paint protection would help in protecting the vehicle against the effects of the following elements:

  • Grime and Gravel from the road
  • Water damage
  • Acid from bird or bug droppings
  • Ultra violet rays
  • Rust and Chemical Corrosion
  • Flying Debris
  • Sand or hail storm damage

Here are a few methods to paint protect the vehicle:

Wash the car at regular intervals

It’s crucial that you give your automobile a good wash atleast once a week. This entails washing the windshield, window glass area, exteriors, interiors, and tyres with a car shampoo. Make sure to immediately wash any bird droppings off the automobile with water if they are there. Don’t wash your car with household detergents. They are naturally acidic, which will cause greater damage to the paint.

Dry the car properly after washing

People often underestimate the importance of drying the car properly after washing it. The car will dry automatically if it is not wiped dry, but this causes maximum damage to the paint of the vehicle. If water droplets are not wiped off properly from the surface of the vehicle, it leads to the formation of water spots. Water spots occur when water is left to evaporate from the surface and this is detrimental to both paint and body of the vehicle. Washing the vehicle without properly drying it is a waste of time. Therefore it is preferable to use a microfiber towel or preferably a weave drying towel to absorb the water and dry the car.

Use a car cover  

A car cover can protect the vehicle from the rays of the sun, sand storms, rain lashings, or even ultra violet rays. Cars which are parked in the open need protection from insect and bird droppings. In addition to this dust and flying debris can damage the vehicle. A car cover offers effective protection to the vehicle and prevents damage to the paint.

Graphene Epitome Coating

Graphene Epitome coating is one of the latest and most revolutionary methods of paint protection. Graphene is a carbon based substance that is applied or coated on the surface of the vehicle to protect the paint of the vehicle. Graphene has two qualities that make it invaluable among vehicle detailers. The first attribute of Graphene is its toughness. The second attribute is its anti-static quality. When applied to a car, the ultra-hard, anti-static graphene layer prevents dust and debris from settling down. This coating performs better than any other coating on the market thanks to its physical attributes.

Graphene coating transforms the look of the car and lends it a luxurious aura. After application of Graphene coating, the vehicle has a glossy and wet appearance, that makes it look quite opulent and this is why most customer’s prefer this option, while selecting an effective method to paint protect their vehicles.

Increase the lifespan of your vehicle by opting for Graphene epitome coating. Contact the experts at or email us at [email protected] for more information on Graphene epitome coating! Schimmer ensures that your car is maintained in an aesthetic and hygienic manner!

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